About Us


To be the agreeable first choice garment provider for all consumers to accessorize and compliment their appetite in clothing, at the most affordable value and finest quality


To provide the right market choice of fabric for the customer at their disposal through the most convenient channels available at its quintessential price point with fairness and transparency valued at the heart of the business.

About us

Stole Mate is the founder’s dream of bringing exclusivity to the Dupattas product line into a woman’s wardrobe adding extra glamour to the attire. Stole Mate took wings in 2019 bringing a wide range of choices for the customer to choose from and map their choice of Fabric across any traditions available in the nation. Adding to the portrait is a whole canvas of collection ranging from Stoles, Scarves, Shawls, Hijabs to the latest edition of Ternions.

Stole Mate is a one stop shop for the customers to get dupattas of their choice. The whole concept of the brand revolves around the word “Dupatta”. India, land known for its rich heritage and culture always keeps a special place for its traditional attires. Each state has a history to communicate through the clothing with rich artwork. Dupatta is an exemplary meld to traditional attire and adds that extra glamour. Dupatta the name itself, is an amalgamation of two Sanskrit words ‘Du’ meaning two and ‘Patta’ meaning piece of Clothing.

For any Indian function, dupatta holds a very special place as it is not just a piece of clothing, rather a style statement. Love for this allure inspired us to be a brand which exclusively deal with this beauty, as every one of which has a story to tell. We tried to showcase an array of products depicting the art forms from all parts of India. Each dupatta in our brand, has a folktale of its origin making it unique. There is always beauty in every dupatta for those who want to see them. We want to paint your wardrobe with vibrant and exquisite dupattas which makes even the most simple and ordinary dress looks exclusive and onliest.

This woven allure plays around with so of much ease and the perfect drape it creates to add that irresistible charm to any outfit. Pairing up with outfits is never a tedious task as it can be ensembled with many, to name a few with your Anarkalis, Gagra cholis, Kameez. Beauty of the product doesn’t stop, as it changes from a traditional accessory to a statement piece when worn with Sarees, Jeans, Cowl style etc.

Stole Mate would like to throw a few questions at you “Have you ever tried dupatta as a fashion statement?”, “Have you ever seen dupatta as a beauty which completes the look?”, if not, you are at the right place to explore a whole new world of dupattas and embrace the real charm.

Let your dupatta colour the whole world.